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Vaikutusverstas is a training company that is based on compassion, flexibility and co-creation as lifestyle choices. The trainings are built on the basics of improvisation: Agreeing, supporting, daring, letting go of control and gracefully making mistakes!

The company was founded in 2010 by the trainer Markus Kaustell. Besides him, Vaikutusverstas has employed a dozen freelancers. The goal is to build a more flexible and compassionate environment, starting from everyday practice. Even a small experience of success can be a spark that ignites impact for years to come!

That’s where we come in.

About the trainer

Markus started with performing arts in the early teenage years of his life within theater and music. Since then he’s been performing constantly, not letting the stage empty. He was introduced to improv in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the freeing, open-minded and agreeing world of improv.

Through improv he’s learned to be more relaxed and focused as a performer, more confident as a human being, and on top of that, gained a limitless amount of laughter and happiness in his life.

More about Markus.

About the trainings

The trainings are given to both corporate and private organisations.

Business trainings usually handle performance skills, flexibility, teaming up, confidence, interaction skills and well-being at work.

Theater improv trainings are focused in long form improv skills, meaning the skillsets you need for ultimately creating a whole night’s improvised play.

Every training can be done in English as well as in Finnish. Also even both simultaneously!

Ask about trainings

But.. what’s with the pineapples? So nice of you to ask!

I started using pineapples as silly whimsical icons for my early improv trainings. Through time the pineapples became a symbol for these trainings and people knew to connect those two. I didn’t mind, I think it was a funny thing that was born within the improv community!

Later on I happened to google up some information about how to optimally slice the pineapple and stumbled upon a fact that a pineapple is actually a fruit that consists of small berries. I loved the idea, because suddenly it made sense as a symbol for improvisation practice: Something that’s co-created by a group, something that’s bigger than any of the group would be alone.

Also, pineapples are healthy and delicious!